Manor Bluebird Birdhouse Review. The must-buy birdhouse

Manor Bluebird Birdhouse is made of cypress wood (cypress is highly resistant to fungus, rot and decay which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor environments even for the places with abundant rainfall). This bluebird birdhouse can be easily mounted using a single screw. This birdhouse doesn’t just provide your bluebirds with a perfect home, but it is also beautifully built and it will improve the beauty of your garden and backyard. This birdhouse is considered quite effective in attracting bluebirds and it is one of our most recommended birdhouses for attracting these birds.

Manor Bluebird birdhouse, The best bluebird birdhouse for attracting bluebirds

Manor Bluebird Birdhouse Features! Are These good or bad?

1. Manor Bluebird Birdhouse is made of Cypress wood

Good Feature! Cypress is one of the most rot, fungus and decay resistant wood. Actually, this woods has its own oil which makes it very resistant and a perfect choice for outdoor use. There is more! Cypress oil repels termites (insects that eat wood) and other bugs which will keep these nasty little insects out of your bluebird birdhouse. And you will not have to worry about larva and blowflies (These are like regular flies, The larva of the blowflies lives inside the birdhouse and they feed on the baby bluebirds blood like vampires).

2. Latched locking door for cleaning and viewing bluebirds.

Good Feature! This is a great feature of Manor Bluebird Birdhouse. Because when the breeding season (These birds breeds during the spring and early summer) is over. You sweet little guests  (Bluebirds) will leave the birdhouse. Then you will have to clean the house for the upcoming season. For this reason, having easy access to the inside of the birdhouse is very important. You can easily open the front door of your birdhouse by turning the latched lock on the side of the door and the Manor Bluebird birdhouse door will open towards the bottom. You can then easily clean the bluebird birdhouse and wait for the upcoming season.

3. Drainage holes at the floor of the birdhouse.

Good Feature! Manor birdhouse has a drainage hole at the bottom floor which is great to keep your baby bluebirds dry if something unexpected happens.  Actually, Manor Bluebird birdhouse is waterproof so you might think, then why it has drainage holes in the bottom floor of the birdhouse. Well! Let say the weather is very stormy and the direction of the wind is in the direction of the entrance of the birdhouse. Clearly! If such an event happens, a significant amount of rain will enter the bluebird birdhouse. So it’s better to have a backup plan in advance.

4. Copper Trim on the Roof of the birdhouse.

Good Feature! The use of copper at the top was not that necessary but it helps in preventing the rainwater from entering into the spacing between of the wood joint on the roof of Manor Bluebird birdhouse.

5. Manor Bluebird Birdhouse Provide a Mounting Paddle.

 Good Feature! The Mounting Paddle enables you to easily hang the birdhouse to a wooden post or wall using a screw. You will just need to screw the paddle to the wooden surface and you are done, however, you can also screw the paddle at two separate spots for more stability. But one good sized screw will do just fine.

6. The size of the entrance hole of the birdhouse is 1-1/2 inch.

Good Feature! The recommended size for the entrance of the birdhouse is 1-1/2 inches. Which is exactly equal to the entrance hole of this birdhouse. Which show that Yes! This Manor Birdhouse is designed especially for Bluebirds.

7. Floor Dimension of Manor Bluebird Birdhouse.

Good Feature! The dimension of this birdhouse in terms of length and width is 12 x 12. But the dimension of the internal floor of this Manor Bluebird birdhouse is approx. 8 x 10. Bluebirds need a floor size of 5 x 5 for building their nest. The dimension of the Birdhouse is more than the requirement. Which means that bluebird can easily nest inside the birdhouse. As this birdhouse is not a hanging birdhouse so there is no fear for the nest to slide inside the birdhouse. But if this birdhouse was a hanging one then it might be problematic because the bird’s nest will move inside the birdhouse if the dimensions of the birdhouse were a bit larger.

8. Height of this birdhouse.

Good Feature! The height of the birdhouse is 16 inches. The recommended size for the height of the bluebird house is around 10 inches. But here it’s larger! Well, wait a second. Check out the height of the entrance hole of the Manor Bluebird birdhouse in the picture. You can see that the height is around 8 inches which is the recommended height. The height above the hole should not be counted. The distance of the entrance hole to the floor is what matter.

So, you can just take a simple box of dimensions around 5x5x10 (Length, Width and Height) with a hole at the top and call it a birdhouse. Yes, you can do that! But the triangular structure of the roof of the Manor bluebird birdhouse make It very pleasant and beautiful and additionally it protects the chicks of the bluebirds from other larger predator birds.

Well! How a larger bird can access the babies in the bluebird birdhouse if it was of a box-shaped. Well, Simple, The predator birds could easily sit on the roof edge fo the box-shaped birdhouse and poke their head inside the entrance hole.

9. Cost of the Manor Bluebird birdhouse.

Bad Feature! Well, we have discussed a lot of great things about this Manor Bluebird birdhouse. Let discuss some of its cons. This birdhouse costs above 70$ which in my opinion seems a bit pricey for a birdhouse. But if we think of the wood quality and the build quality then the price doesn’t seem that bad though. But still, I admit it cost a bit much.

User Experience

Manor Bluebird house has fulfilled the expectations of the users. They are very satisfied with the quality of the build and the quality of the wood. The users are happy with this birdhouse and they are recommending it for others. But Yeah! Some of them mentioned that they are a bit costly.


Other Birds which you can attract.

This birdhouse is specially designed for bluebirds, but it can also attract the following birds.

  • Chickadee
  • Titmouse
  • Nuthatch
  • Wrens
  • Downy Woodpecker

This is because these birds need a birdhouse with a floor size of 4 x 4 inches, an entrance hole height of 8 inches and a hole size of 1-1/4 inches, Which is very close to the recommended size for the bluebird species. So You might end up having one these species of birds as your guests for this season.

Check out the video in which a chickadee has taken control of similar birdhouse and is feeding their chicks inside the birdhouse.

Final Comments.

I will not say that Manor Bluebird house is the perfect birdhouse because nothing is perfect everything has cons. But overall this is a good birdhouse. The build and the quality of the birdhouse is very good. So This birdhouse is not a waste of money It’s worth investing a couple of dollars on this product.


Some Tips about the placement of the Manor Bluebird Birdhouse.

  • Bluebird like light colors. This birdhouse has a pretty much light color which will be helpful. Further, if you just want the bluebirds to nest inside your birdhouse, Then make sure you keep an eye on the birdhouse and don’t allow the other birds which I discussed near the birdhouse. Further bluebirds like pine needles, so if you set up your birdhouse near a pine tree that will help a lot in attracting them.
  • Place you bluebird birdhouse in an open field or near your lawn. (You can also hang it with your lawn wooden fence). These birds prefer open areas mostly. You can also place it in orchards, scatter trees and sparse ground cover.
  • The entrance hole of the Manor Bluebird should face open fields. The preferred direction of the bluebird birdhouse is east, then north. If these orientations are not possible then you can mount it in such a way that it faces towards the south, and the least preferred direction is that the entrance hole is facing the west.
  • The height of the box should be around 3 to 6 feet. I recommend to keep it 6 feet so that the birds are much safe from the ground predators such as cats and snakes.


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