The Birdhouses I Found During My Hike In The Wilderness

Wilderness (or more commonly forests) is a natural habitat for the birds and animals. They have dense green trees and water streams providing a perfect place for these living beings to live in. Far from the cities, these wilderness have a calm and healthy atmosphere with no or little human activities, along with a clear and perfect melodies environment of chirping birds. Such dense forests are the beauty of our planet and are called eath’s paradise.

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In my opinion, it is a perfect place for a healthy and refreshing vacation. Today I will tell you a story of my hiking experience through the wilderness where I experienced different birdhouses. The track for the hiking was more smooth so more specifically it was tracking through the wilderness.

The journey started on Sunday! Weekend :). I love the weekends!

I traveled for about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach this wilderness town. This was actually a wildlife park about 4 miles from the town. I started to move towards the park on foot and once I reached the edge of the park I found that this was a picnic spot and as it was Sunday so the road was heavily crowded with families making BBQ and having some fun.

The Wildlife Park Entrance

Restaurants and Hotels

This place was a beauty on the earth, No douth this place have tourists and where there are tourists there must be some restaurants and hotels. This park was not an exception at the edge of this park I witnessed plenty of hotels and restaurants crowded with people enjoying their meal in the wilderness.

This is the picture of one of the restaurants which had a perfect natural location providing food and meal to their customers.

Restaurant in the forests and wildlife are very common to attract tourists from all over the work and nature lovers. and Hotels in the wild life is very common now. Wildlife birdhouse


Besides this restaurant, there were a number of other restaurants. I found a multiple compartment birdhouse mounted on a wooden post as shown in the picture below.

Purple Martin needs their birdhouse in an open location you can also place your martin birdhouse in the wilderness provided that there is plenty of open space in the surroundings

This type of birdhouses are used for Purple Martins and usually, they are mounted for about 1o to 20 feets high. But there are no purple martins in this area. Most probably this birdhouse is occupied by the house sparrows. I did saw plenty of house sparrows near the restaurants feeding on the leftover bread and food scraps.

The Nice Road

Moving further towards the Wildlife Park the road was good, not perfect but any car can pass easily. This road was allowing quick access into the park. It was a nice 3 to 4 miles road but as I was on foot so this road was not providing me any ease, I had to walk anyways. Following is the picture of the road leading into the wildlife park.

 A road in the wilderness, this road passes through the jungle of trees. This is the road among the forest

There were also some sheds along the road which provides shelter and an area to rest. beside the shed, there is a water tap providing fresh drinkable tap water to the commuter. You can see the crowd of people getting water from the tap on the left side of the shed in the picture given below.

the shed in the wilderness and forest can protect you from rains and bad weathers and can also provide you shealter

The Place For Picnic

I was there, for hiking so I have no setup for a picnic but near the end of the Park, there were a lot of places where the people can cook BBQ and can have some fun.

The BBQ Chimney

For the BBQ there were chimnies available to the public so they can utilize it and make their BBQ without making a mess. Following is the picture of the chimney for the BBQ.

This chimney is available on a picnic spot so any one can use this BBQ chimney and make their BBQ

The Picnic

Along with the BBQ chimneys, people would stop by! lay their Mats and carpets in the wideness and make their food and enjoy with their family. Following is the picture of the people enjoying their picnic.

There were people in the wilderness making some smoke and enjoying some fire

There are people who go to the wilderness and make some fun. have some picnic

people having some picnic and having some fun

Into The Wildlife Park 

There was a road and along the sides of the road, there were picnic spots. This road leads to the entrance of the wildlife parks gate. No cars were allowed to enter the park. I wish I had a pic of the gate to show you. but after the gate the track was smooth and any jeep would have easily climbed it. I kept walking on foot and hiked for about 3 more hours on the smooth track till I reached the top.

Along the way, there were some Fruits trees as well. The fruits were not good in size and look but were eatable. I ate some small sized sour apples and some pears. There were also some plum trees but they were super sour and were not eatable.

No More Roads

Inside the park, there were no roads and as I said earlier the track was still smooth. You can see this in the picture given below. These bumps in the track are formed by the rainwater which eroded the soft topsoil and sand. The fence which is show in the picture doesn’t covers all the track. I was just on few places.

This is the track in the wildlife forest in which I am standing and having some fun here is my picture of it

The Tall Dense Forest

Almost all of the trees on the mountain were juniper trees. The fruit trees were along the side of the streams this is because fruit trees need more water and moisture and availability of the water is larger near the streams.

Tall dense juniper forests, Tall dense forests

Here is another pic of the forest with lush dense trees

The dense forest with lush green trees

The Rain Catcher

I witnessed a lot of rain catchers along the hike. These rain catchers have Trippel funnel for good water filtration and have a cylindrical container to fill up. These rain funnels are very handy to provide fresh water in the forest and mountains where there is absolutely no access to the fresh water streams.

This is a triple funnel rain catcher used to catch rain water and provide it to the people so they can get benefit from the water

Have some Rest During Hiking sessions.

After each hiking sessions its good to have some rest to reenergize yourself by catching some breath and drinking some water. There were wooden platforms at specific locations on the track where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings and have some quality time in the wilderness.

The wooden platform and rest area in the forest was amazing where you can relax and have some breath and spend some quality time

The Birdhouses and Bat-houses in the Wilderness

I was amazed to find some birdhouses in the wildlife park. I found some new and old birdhouses along with some bat houses. All of these birdhouses were more than 10 feet high whereas I could find only one birdhouse which was just 4 feet high and was empty. I had no time to look for the birds in the birdhouses as I didn’t want to climb the trees and additionally I had no equipments to climb them. If I had spend more time there I may have seen some brids entering these birdhouses.

I did hear a lot of birds in the trees but it was very hard to find them in the trees beacuse the trees were very tall and the forest was so dense additionally, all the birds were sitting at the top of these trees.

The Birdhouses

There were a lot of old birdhouses discretely mounted on the trees in the wilderness. I didnt looked for each and every one of them but I  just considerd the ones near the hiking track. here is the pic of the birdhouses which I witnessed.

A birdhouse which i found in the forest which is hung by the tree

Another birdhouse which I found! You can see it in the pic below. The birdhouse is at the top of the picture. I wanted to point towards the birdhouse in the picture but it doesn’t seem I am pointing there. This birdhouse has a broken roof just above the hole of the birdhouse.

In this picture I am pointing towards a birdhouse which i found in the wilderness. I wanted to point towards the birdhouse

You can Checkout another weirdo looking birdhouse, This is not a standard regular birdhouse. Initially, I thought it was just a symbol but was actually a birdhouse. i don’t like such birdhouses because its entrance is not vertical but angled which has a higher probability that rainwater will enter into the birdhouse despite the roof above the small entrance hole and the other thing is that this birdhouse has a perch (The stick near the entrance hole where the bird can sit ) giving leverage to other predatory birds to sit on the perch and peek inside the birdhouse.

This is a weirdo birdhouse which might look amazing but is actually not, it is a fancy birdhouse

The Bat-Houses

I also found some bat houses along the way. Hopefully, there might be some bats resting inside these houses. As you know bats rest during the day and fly and hunt during nights. I didn’t want to confirm for bats inside I just took pics. This is a dense forest and I am pretty sure it will be buzzing with insects during the night and where there are insects there will be bats and Most probably they will be resting inside because it was daytime.

This is a single compartment bat house

Here is a picture of another bat house which a witnessed during my hike.

Bat lives in bat houses here is a picture of an other bat house which i took the bat house was mounted on to a tree

I saw one bat house with two compartments. The shorter one on the outside and the longer one on the inside. Normally most of the bat houses are single compartment bat houses.

Dual compartment bat house. Bat house with two compartments

The Peak

After a total of more than 4 house walking finally, I reached the peak for my hiking plan. It was not the absolute peak of the mountain. There were other high points around but I decided to descend because it was already so late.

here is a picture of a man who is at the peak of the mountain and is looking in to the infinity

A beautiful green view from the mountainA beautiful view of a mountain

Beautiful top of the mountain

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