Why White Color is recommended for a Purple Martin Birdhouse

You might have seen a purple Martin birdhouse in your neighbourhood or you may have checked them from an online store. There is one thing common among them which is that majority of the birdhouses are of white color. Well! This is not just a coincidence there is a science behind it.purple martin birdhouse needs white color which is very important for maximum sunligh reflection which will keep the birdhouse cool in hot summer and the purple martins will then love their purple martin birdhouses

Paint Your Purple Martin Birdhouse with White Color

Following are the 3 main reason which supports the recommendation of painting your purple Martin Birdhouse with white color.

1. Maximizes Heat and Light reflection from the Roof.

Polished Metal roof is the most preferred material for the rooftop of a purple martin birdhouse. (Check out Amish 26-inch 10-Hole Birdhouse for Purple Martins which has copper rooftop ). This is because these shiny metal surfaces reflect most of the light which keeps the birdhouse cool. Additionally, during the night it keeps the temperature inside the birdhouse low (equal to the outside temperature) because of the conductance property of metals. Actually, Purple Martins nest inside the birdhouse during the spring and the summer so don’t worry about them getting cold. You just need to worry about preventing them from the heat.

The second most preferred choice is to paint the roof of the purple martin birdhouse with a white color. White is a cool color because it reflects maximum sunlight and painting the birdhouse with white color will prevent the birdhouse from heating in the sun (Because Purple Martin birdhouse needs to be mounted 10 to 20 feet above the ground in an open area, so it will be in direct contact with the sunlight).

Well! You might have a crazy idea of making the roof of your birdhouse with reflecting glass mirror. Obviously, this will make the birdhouse very cool but it won’t attract any bluebird because they will feel motion on the surface of the birdhouse and they may think of it as a predator.

white color is the chosen color for purple martin birdhouses this is because white color has the max reflection from the birdhouse which will keep the birdhouse cool during the hot summer. You purple martins will then be happy in their birdhouses.

2. Maximizes Heat and Light reflection from the side Walls.

You should also paint the side walls of your purple martin birdhouse with white color. This will increase sunlight and heat reflection and will keep the birdhouse cool for purple martins to nest inside the birdhouse.

3. Increases the Purple Martin Birdhouse contrast to the dark, entrance holes.

Do you know painting a birdhouse white will increase its contrast with respect to the entrance holes?

It means that the entrance hole of the Purple Martin Birdhouse will look much darker now which will easily get the attention of Purple Martins. This increases the visual stimulus of purple Martins and They will eventually end up nesting inside the birdhouse.

Do you know, Some people even paint their houses with a fake black hole to increase the visual stimulus of these birds so that they can end up nesting around their yard in the provided Purple Martin Birdhouses.

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Prevent Purple Martins From Strong Heats.

If you live in a region where summers are too hot then just coloring the birdhouse will not do the trick. You have to take other measures to keep these birds safe from the heat. If there are baby Purple Martins inside your birdhouse then you can check for signs of heat. If the young martins are panting with their beaks wide open and they are towards the entrance of the birdhouse then it means that they are too hot.

You can follow these guidelines to prevent purple Martins from strong heat.

1. Make a share above the birdhouse.

You should make a shade above your birdhouse. Any wooden board can do this job. The wooden board will be above the roof of the birdhouse and it is very important to leave a space between the wooden board and the roof so air can flow throw it. The wooden board will heat up in the sun and its shadow will keep Purple Martin birdhouse cool.

Further, you should paint the shading board with white color too. This will reflect the incoming sunlight and will keep the shading board cool which will then have a much cooler shadow on the purple martin birdhouse.To prevent your purple martin birdhouse and to keep the purple martins happy inside your birdhouse it is very important that you should keep the birdhouse cooler there is a number of ways in which you can do that. love your purple martins inside your birdhouse. Then your purple martins will love you. keep your purple martins birdhouse safe for them and keep their birdhouse cool

2. Add ventilation holes inside the birdhouse.

Adding holes and air vents will keep the air circulating inside the birdhouse. This circulating air will remove additional heat from the purple martin birdhouse. And will keep the birds cool. The purple martin babies will enjoy the fresh air passing inside the nest and will not suffocate to the strong heat.

3. Provide BirdBath for Purple Martins.

Birdbath is one of the most recommended options for keeping birds cool during hot summer. The birds do love taking baths when it’s hot outside. This will prevent them from getting too hot during the days of the summer.

4. Provide Drinking water near the birdhouse.

You should provide readily available drinking water near the Purple Martin birdhouse so the parent martins can keep themselves and their babies hydrated.


Remember! Do care for your birds. Your birds need your care and attention. You will have to keep an eye on them from time to time. You will need to make yourself sure all the time that your guests are healthy and happy. If you think that just providing a birdhouse is enough. Then you are wrong! You need to do more than just providing them with a space to live.


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